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Question 1

You will be able to hold a reader´s interest with a great layout and visually appealing graphics.

Remember this is a NEWSletter! Your readers want news! Is it a race against time as well?

Question 2

It really doesn´t matter what name you choose for your newsletter as long as you have a well-designed logo.

A well-designed logo helps, but the name of your newsletter will help draw readers in. Try catering to your audience by naming your newsletter for them. Ever hear of Reader´s Digest?

Question 3

One of the best ways to retain readership is to mention names.

Everyone loves to see their own name in print! For some morale boosting features, check out this link!

Question 4

Don´t limit the numbers and sizes of typefaces and graphics - you want your newsletter to scream, Look at me!

Just the opposite! It´s best to keep the the design of your newsletter simple and easy to read.

Question 5

Your newsletter should have a distinctive personality that can be achieved by:

blending format and design elements
an entertaining writing style
paper color and weight
all of the above
But wait, there´s more!

Question 6

Messages or letters from the company president will help pull in your readers.

This may score points with the boss, but it´s not the type of article that will attract readers.

Question 7

The minimum frequency for publishing an offline newsletter is:

once every two months
once per year
once every quarter (every three months)
once per month
Whatever frequency you choose, remember to be consistent!

Question 8

When determining demographics for your newsletter, you should look for specifics from your readers including:

make and model of the car they drive
their location and age
connection speed of their computer
social security number
Don´t ask for more information than you need. Once you have sufficient demographic information, you will be able to target your newsletter directly to your readers.

Question 9

Having business cards printed using the logo or logotype from your newsletter is one of the best ways to advertise.

Looking for a place to order business cards? Vista Prints offers 250 cards for free!

Question 10

It´s a good idea to focus on one specific strategy for promoting yourself. Then if it doesn´t work, try something else.

Don´t put all your eggs in one basket! For more ideas on online and offline promotion, check out this link!

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