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Question 1

A kiss is:

a small drop cookie made of meringue.
when you join two elements edge to edge.
a bite-size piece of chocolate wrapped in foil.
a touch or caress with the lips.
If you have any extra chocolate kisses, my address is...

Question 2

A hickey is:

going to get you grounded for two weeks!
a temporary red mark on the skin.
a game played on ice with two teams of six players on skates.
a halo-shaped imperfection caused by dust, dirt, or other particles.
If you chose #3, shame on you! That´s hockey!

Question 3

A dagger is:

a sharp, pointed knife for stabbing.
something involving secret agents and espionage.
a reference mark.
a tool or machine used for digging.
The name of a tool or machine used for digging? A digger!

Question 4

A gang run is:

several chained convicts escaping from prison.
an assortment of jobs run on the press at the same time.
a band of antisocial adolescents driving off in a car.
to combine for a specific purpose.
Answer 5: Customers charging to a clearance sale!

Question 5

A kicker is:

one who kicks something.
a state or federal refund check that comes in the mail.
the start of a football game.
a secondary headline on the line above the main headline.
A *kick-off,* not a kicker, is actually the start of a football game!

Question 6

A widow is:

a very short line; often only one word at the end of a paragraph.
a woman who has lost her husband by death and has not remarried.
a black, venomous spider.
a point formed by the hairline in front.
You should have taken the "What´s Your Type?" BigBrain first, if you missed this one!

Question 7

A river is:

the white space between words forming a channel.
a natural stream of water of usually considerable volume.
a bolt for holding pieces of metal together.
the white space between two columns.
Answer #3 is the definition of a *rivet.*

Question 8

A gutter is:

a low area that carries off surface water.
the inner margins of two facing columns.
the lowest condition of human life.
the opposite of an alley.
Actually, *alley* means the same as *gutter* when referring to page layouts.

Question 9

A dummy is:

one who is stupid.
a large puppet having moveable features.
a ficticious corporation existing in name only.
a set of pages indicating the layout of text and artwork.

Question 10

A blowup is:

a camera enlargement.
an outburst of temper with your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend.
an explosion.
the bursting of a tire.
Don´t get angry with me! When it comes to newsletter tips, Answer 1 was the *only* answer!

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