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HTML Newsletters vs PDF (Adobe Acrobat)

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Which is better, HTML newsletters or .pdf newsletters?

HTML Newsletters vs PDF (Adobe Acrobat)

In the choice of HTML Newsletters vs. PDF Newsletters the clear winner is an email HTML newsletter and if you are smart, you can leverage a newsletter service provider that lets you create and publish a newsletter faster, with more features and reporting! So you are a technology user and have been publishing your newsletter in Adobe PDF (portable document format). You've spent hours laying out the pages in an application such as Word or MS Publisher, converted them to .pdf and uploaded them to the server for your visitors or members to download and read. While this method was the "newest technology" for years, it is time consuming for the creator and can be cumbersome for the readers with slower connection speeds. Now there is an easier, more palatable option.

With the right technology, you can:

  • Create an HTML newsletter
  • Automatically send it to your list of email addresses
  • Have it delivered in either full HTML or a text version that will link to the HTML version on the web
  • Receive reports on who is reading your newsletter, what articles were read the most and use reader polling to get instant feedback directly from them to better serve your members.

This kind of full featured html newsletter with behavioral analysis of your end reader is incredibly valuable and is only possible through e-newsletters.



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