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Question 1

Expanded type is type that is set justified to extend across your page.

Expanded type actually refers to a typeface with letters that are designed extra wide as opposed to condensed type or regular type. For more information on justification, check out this link!

Question 2

Sans-serif refers to the fine line cross-strokes that appear at the top and bottom of letters of type.

Quite the opposite! The word sans means without - so a sans-serif typeface is one without the fine line cross-strokes. To see which sans-serif typefaces are the most popular, take the link!

Question 3

Italic type refers to letters that slope slightly to the right. They are sometimes referred to as oblique.

To see a sample of italic type, check out this link!

Question 4

As long as you stick to one particular typeface, it´s a good idea to use many sizes of type to fill space in your newsletter.

This is partially true. It´s a good idea to use one or two specific typefaces throughout your newsletter, but you should try and limit the number of different point sizes to three. If you´d like some suggestions, follow the link!

Question 5

Ascender refers to type that rises above the baseline. For example: using the TM for trademark.

The term usually refers to a specific part of lowercase letters. To see what it is, follow the link!

Question 6

Descenders are the lines of lowercase type which extend below the baseline.

This should have been an easy one to answer! To find out which letters have descenders, take the link!

Question 7

Script is a term for any typeface that imitates handwriting, but it does not include actual handwritten type.

Yes. Script typefaces DO include handwritten type. Do you know the most popular script typeface? Take the link to find out!

Question 8

The definition of a bad break is:

Heavy showers just hours after you had the car washed.
An incorrect division of a word.
Leaving a winning lottery ticket in the pocket of a jacket you donated to Goodwill.
The place for dividing or ending a line of type.
If you chose Answer 4, you were close, but it is actually an incorrect division of a word. To see an example, take the link!

Question 9

The definition of a widow is:

A woman whose husband has died and she has not remarried.
An opening in a wall to admit light and air; usually filled with glass.
A man whose wife has died and he as not remarried.
A very short line at the end of a paragraph of type.
Okay...if you chose Answer 1, you are also correct, but we´re talking about type here! If you´d like to find out how to get rid of a widow, take the link!

Question 10

The definition of x-height is:

How tall the X-Men are.
A measurement from the top or head to the bottom or foot.
The height of the main portion of lower case letters.
The width or depth of type matter, usually expressed in picas or inches.
The complete description is: The height of the main portion of lower case letters, NOT including ascenders and descenders. For tons more information about newsletters and type, subscribe to the weekly Newsletter-tips newsletter!

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