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Writing Non-profit Email Newsletters Tips

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non-profit email newsletters, non-profit newsletter

How to Promote Events

Many non-profit organizations hold events and or training classes for their membership. Mailing a brochure with a printed registration form that must be mailed or faxed back requires the recipient to stop what he/she is doing, fill out the form, find a stamp and mail it back. Then you have to confirm their registration, which requires more mail or faxes or phone calls. Online registrations can occur through your newsletter by providing email addresses or click-through options for your subscribers.

non-profit email newsletters, non-profit newsletter

Highlight Your Non-profit's Uniqueness

Devote an article to a specific program you offer, especially one that doesn't otherwise generate much attention. An animal shelter, for example, may receive services and gifts from you such as medicine and food. By alerting your readers, you have the potential to expand the reach of these services. You never know who may be able to assist with comparable items.

non-profit email newsletters, non-profit newsletter

Online Donations

Once an ecommerce workflow is in place, online donations should be accepted. Units of service should be developed so that people have an idea of what a donation helps pay for. The donate button should be easily available throughout the newsletter. But it's also important that periodic fundraising campaigns be launched in conjunction with certain milestones.

non-profit email newsletters, non-profit newsletter

Calls to Action in Non-profit Email Newsletters

All calls to action should be sent out as email messages to the newsletter subscriber list, with a single message and action for each message. The "From" line should be similar to the "From" line in the newsletter. The "Subject" line should encourage people to open the email. The body copy should be easy to scan and act on at a glance. Like the newsletter, calls to action should have subscription control information for the recipient.

non-profit email newsletters, non-profit newsletter

What to Write About...

Your non-profit newsletter should ask for more than just money. Be sure to include a section asking for volunteers and non-monetary donations. You may also wish to include a section that thanks past contributors.

non-profit email newsletters, non-profit newsletter

An Overview of Non-profit Emails

Many nonprofit organizations are now using an email newsletter as the backbone of their online campaigns. The key reason for this is that without a person's email address and permission to correspond with them, we are in a much more difficult position to ask them to do anything - make donations, take action, volunteer, forward information to friends, and so forth.

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