Newsletter Big Brain Tests

Enjoy these Newsletter Big Brain quizzes we've created for you, helping to test the Newsletter knowledge you have.

Quick! Catch That Running Head!

Before jumping into the position of "Newsletter Editor," itīs a good idea to know some of the basic terms and procedures used in newsletter production. Will you be able to "justify" your answers?

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What´s Your Type?

Typography is the art of composing or arranging type in such a way as to make it legible, readable and pleasing to the eye. Donīt get "flushed" as you test your knowledge!

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Hooking Readers and Reeling ´Em In!

Finding an audience is a tough business for any newsletter publisher. If youīre just getting ready to publish your first issue, do you know where to find readers? And, even more important, do you know how to bring īem back for Issue #2?

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A is for Artwork!

Well-chosen graphics and photos can greatly enhance the look of your newsletter. Do you know what to ask for...what to look for...and how to use it? Try passing this test with flying "colors" (not black and white!)

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Famous Fathers in Newspaper Publishing

June means Fatherīs Day in the United States, so letīs pay tribute to some distinguished dads in the world of newspaper publishing!

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Go to the Movies...with Newsletter-tips!

For more than seven decades, Hollywood has featured its brightest stars in the roles of newspaper journalists, editors and publishers. Letīs take a trip through a collection of films to see if you know whoīs working with whom!

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Kisses and Hickeys and Blowups, Oh, My!

Familiar words? Ah, yes...but do you know their meanings in the world of typesetting and printing? Be "positive" and donīt "space out" or act like a "dummy" as you "register" the correct answers!

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