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Question 1

Artwork is:

hand-drawn lettering
all of the above
Any of the other choices would be partially correct, but artwork is a broad term encompassing each of these specific elements. For some of the most common types...

Question 2

Clip art is:

available for purchase
camera-ready artwork used on a paste-up
all of the above
Not sure what to do with clip art once you find it? Check this out...

Question 3

Graphic design:

is an arrangement of type and visual elements
refers to the profession of designing and printing on paper
includes specifications for paper, ink colors, and printing processes
both 1 and 3
Answer 2 is actually part of the definition for graphic arts!

Question 4

Infographics are:

charts, graphs and tables
type, illustrations or other originals that have been reproduced
a single page that uses only artwork and photographs to convey a message
none of the above
One of the best ways to show data in your newsletter is with infographics - pie charts, bar graphs and comparison tables.

Question 5

Lines (or rules):

are another name for borders
should not be used to separate or organize copy
can be used as a graphic element
are used for printing and registration purposes
Ahhhhh...this reminds me of one of my favorite "Traditional Tools for Paste-Up" - the Rapidograph pen!

Question 6


are plain or ornamental frames around type
are plain or ornamental frames around art elements
are flower beds round part of the garden
both 1 and 2
Although Answer 3 is a correct definition, it really doesn´t have anything to do with newsletters!

Question 7

Line drawings are:

photographable color reproductions of any art or copy
any original art that is made up of gradations of gray tones
images in which the black and white areas are reversed from the originals
black and white drawings with no gray tones
Technically speaking, line drawings are black and white drawings with no gradation of gray tones. For more information...

Question 8

Scaling is:

determining the correct size of reduction/enlargement of artwork before reproduction
eliminating edges or portions of art or photographs that are unwanted in reproduction
making sure the height and width of the artwork is of equal proportion
preparing paste-up boards with ruled lines for easy positioning
There is a device know as the "Scale-O-Graph" that is used for framing the most desirable segment of your artwork. To find out how it works...

Question 9

Dropped caps:

are not a design element
are large capital letters that extend down into the first two or more lines of copy
are the portions of lowercase letters that fall below the baseline
refers to students throwing mortarboards into the air after graduation ceremonies
Dropped caps ARE a design element! Still wondering what Answer 3 is? Look here...

Question 10

Composition is:

the manner in which an image is arranged and framed
the assembly of typographic elements into camera-ready pages
the arrangement of type, graphics and other elements on the page
all of the above
While each of the answers is partially correct, composition includes all of them! Just be sure to...

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