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Creating Alumni Newsletters Tips

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How should I design my school newsletter?

Colors For Your School Newsletter

When designing your school newsletter, keep the graphics to a minimum and the colors appropriate. The best choice is to use your school colors whenever possible. This provides a subtle but effective emphasis on school pride and support. If your school has a mascot, you may consider using it as your newsletter logo as well.

Where can I get news about former students?

Students in the News

Good alumni newsletter editors are always looking for news on former students. Include a regular section in your newsletter requesting updates from former students. Ask them to send a brief description of their news and perhaps a recent photo. Be sure to have them include their name at the time of their attendance at the school, what their major was and the year they graduated.

What can I add to my school newsletter to make it fun and informative?

What's for Lunch?

A school newsletter can serve to let kids and parents know of important goings-on in your school. Perhaps there are town hall meetings or school closings to which they should be alerted. But these newsletters can also impart some fun information as well! Why not include a school lunch menu as well? Be sure to make them printer-friendly, so families can print these out and post them to the fridge at home.

Who benefits from a school newsletter?

Emailing School News

By creating an email newsletter for your school, you reach not only the students, but the parents as well. School email newsletters are an ideal way to keep families informed of what is going on in the school itself as well as the district. Sections can be used to promote upcoming events such as theater performances, concerts, sports, and much more. In turn, the community will be more apt to support school activities.

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