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Print Elements of a Newsletter Tips

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How do I write a good headline?

Write a Good One!

Writing a headline can be an easy task if you keep a few details in mind. You should use three to eight short, simple words to tell your readers what your articles is about. Your headline should be active, not passive, and set in big, bold type. Be sure to avoid "double meaning" words (ex. lead could be pronounced "led" or "leed") and try to pinpoint the most interesting single idea from the article. Think after you have written your headline, go back over it and cut out all unnecessary words.

How do I use a proportional dial?

Proportion Dial

To quickly determine the exact percentage of a reduction, use a proportion dial. First set the two dimensions of the original photo opposite each other. Then read any two dimensions are are opposite each other as the final proportional height and width.

What is the definition of nameplate?


The nameplate is the name of your newsletter set in a distinctive typeface or design.

What is a mission statement?

Mission Statement

Your mission statement can be summed up in as little as two words as shown in an article at referring to Pepsi -- "Beat Coke!" or it can be a short paragraph. Whatever you decide, it should answer the following questions:

1) What is the overall objective of your business? (What do you hope to accomplish?)

2) What resources/products/services will you use in your objective?

3) To whom would you like to make this commitment? (Your target audience)

How can I get clean edges on my photo when printed?

Border Lines

To give your photos a nice clean edge, consider using a border line around the entire photo. The line itself should be at least 2 pts. (1/32") wide and can be made on your computer or with border tape. Be sure to explain to your printer that you do intend to have a border (otherwise, they may think your border is just a "place holder.")

What is the definition of a kicker?


A kicker is the secondary headline on the line above the main headline.

Do I have to have prints made when I have a roll of film developed?

Contact Prints

Be sure to ask if this service is available before you drop off your film to be developed! A contact print is one of the most effective (and inexpensive) ways to look at every picture taken from a single roll of film - without having full-size prints made. It shows each shot in miniature on one sheet, so you can choose which one(s) to enlarge for your newsletter. By using a magnifying glass, you can easily check for detail.

What information should I include on the front page of my newsletter?

Front Page

Put your best foot forward on your front page and try to include these basic elements to attract readers:

Nameplate - lets people know who you are

Headline - relates to your most important story (you may choose to place the actual article inside your newsletter)

Photo(s) - it's true...a good picture is still worth a thousand words

"What's Inside" - hints and teasers to entice your readers to come inside

What is a byline and where does it go?


Whenever someone else contributes an article to your newsletter, they should be given credit for their piece; by using a byline, the person who wrote the article also assumes responsibility for what is written. Most of the time when an article is printed without a byline, readers will assume the article speaks for the entire group publishing the newsletter. Also, a newsletter without bylines, will seem cold and unfriendly.

The byline is usually set in text-size type under the headline of the article.

How do I choose a name for my newsletter?

Choosing a Name - 4

Consider using initial caps in your name if the actual name is fairly long and cumbersome. For example, The National Association of Homebuilders Review could be changed to NAH Review.

What is the definition of text?


Text refers to the main body of the page and usually takes up the largest percentage of space in your newsletter. It does NOT include other elements such as titles, headings, references, indexes, etc.

Should I use single or double quote marks in headline copy?

Using Quotes

If you are using a quote in your headline, use single quote marks rather than double quote marks.

Basketball Star Says 'I Quit!'

How do I keep track of the volume number and issue number?

Volume and Issue Numbers

If you are beginning a brand new publication, you should, of course, start with Vol. 1, No. 1 - then each month, only the "No." changes. Once you have completed a full year, the Vol. number changes to 2, and you begin again with No. 1 (and so on). The date is also important and may be indicated weekly (June 16, 2005), monthly (June 2005), or quarterly (Summer 2005). For instance, your first issue would be Vol. 1, No. 1 Summer 2005. You can also use Roman numerals for the volume number if you prefer - Vol. I, No. 1 2.

This is important information and must be included in every issue - preferably on the front page, in the masthead, or within the first five pages of a larger publication.

How can I uncurl a photograph?

Uncurl a Photograph

Handling a photograph that has curled is difficult. There are two simple ways to eliminate this problem:

1. Spray removable adhesive on the back of the photo and press it down carefully on card stock. (A dry mounting press is ideal!)

2. Flatten the photos with a homemade solution of three teaspoons plain unflavored gelatin dissolved in a quart of hot water. Brush the solution on the back of the photos and let dry.

How should I present a list of activities in my newsletter?


When listing several activities at a time in your newsletter, arrange them in a way that makes sense to your readers. This can usually be done by grouping them by date or specific area of interest.

Should I use all caps in the text of my newsletter?

All Caps

NEVER ever use all caps for the body of text in your newsletter - it is extremely difficult to read. You should also avoid using all caps in your headlines as well. However, since heads are are shorter by nature, you can sometimes get away with it for design purposes.

Should I crop photos?


Don't be afraid to crop photos to enhance the main point of interest in the picture. The only exception would be in the case of a need to fill space in your newsletter.

What are the three main types of logo design?

Types of Logos

There are three main types of logos: Descriptive - uses an image to suggest the company's name or type of business; Abstract - nonliteral and nonfigurative, no immediate association with a product or service; and, Typographic - company's name is represented graphically, commonly referred to as a logotype.

What can I do if the subject in my photo is facing the wrong way?

Flopping Photos

Every once in a while you'll run across the "perfect" photo, but the person or object is facing the wrong way. A quick fix to this problem, is to ask your printer to flop the negative before printing.

It usually doesn't cost extra money, but beware! Check, and doublecheck, for any type or words in the photo that could be printed backwards with this technique. Also, if the subject has a wedding ring or any other distinguishing characteristics, flopping may not be the best solution.

What is the definition of masthead?


The masthead is the information printed in each issue of your newsletter stating the title, editor, publisher, ad rates, contact names/numbers/emails, and any other information regarding ownership and/or subscriptions.

Is it okay to print a photo that is slightly blurry?

Out of Focus?

Always check your photos for crispness. If they look slightly blurry, or out of focus, on the original, you can bet they will look even worse after they have been printed in your newsletter.

How do I choose a name for my newsletter?

Choosing a Name - 3

If you are self-publishing a newsletter, you might want to consider using your own name! For example, I could choose something like, "Pinter's Perspective."

How do I choose a name for my newsletter?

Choosing a Name - 1

Select a name for your newsletter that people will remember. It should be lively as well as effective and should describe the subject matter of your newsletter. Also consider using an "active communication" word to describe a "benefit" of your newsletter. (Examples include: Briefs, Digest, Facts, Outlook, Review, etc.)

How do I choose a name for my newsletter?

Choosing a Name - 2

Cater to your audience by naming your newsletter for them. Ever hear of "Reader's Digest?"

How can I understand proportion?

Understanding Proportion

To understand proportion, think of a perfect 8"x8" square that you want to reduce. When reduction occurs, the width of the square will be exactly the same as the height. For example, if you reduce your square by 50%, the finished size will be 4"x4".

One of the most common errors for those new to reduction is a 50% reduction of 17"x22". The correct answer is 8-1/2"x11", but many often give 11"x17" as an incorrect answer.

What are running heads?

*Running Heads

A running head is a title repeated at the top of the each page of your newsletter (if your newsletter consists of more than one page). It usually contains such information as the name of the publication, a description of the page itself, and/or a page number.

What is the definition of a head, heading or headline?

*Head, Heading or Headlines

The head, heading or headine is a display line(s) found at the top of the printed matter. In most cases, it is usually typeset larger and bolder than the text copy below it.

What is the definition of logotype or logo?

Logotype - 2

When designing your logo, make sure it is flexible enough to be reproduced in different sizes for use on business cards, letterhead, and even billboards. You will also want to be sure it is adaptable for printing in black and white, just as well as it is in color.

What is the definition of logotype or logo?

Logotype - 1

The logotype or logo is the name of your company set in a distinctive typestyle or in the form of a trademark. It is used for easy identification and should be incorporated consistently on related printed material including business cards, envelopes, letterhead, etc.

How do I choose a name for my newsletter?

Word Choices for Titles

Some of the most commonly used words in newsletter titles include: Alert, Brief, Bulletin, Channel, Connection, Daily, Digest, Examiner, Gazette, Highlights, In Brief, Journal, Letter, Monthly, News, Notes, Quarterly, Report, Review, Spotlight, This Week (This Month, etc.), Times, Update, and Weekly.

Also: Access, Accents, Advisory, Almanac, Axis, Beacon, Board, Circle, Communicator, Courier, Details, Edge, Essentials, Et Cetera, Eye, Facets, Facts, File, Focus, Forecast, Forum, Guide, Horizons, Hotline, Image, Ink, Information, Insider, Leader, Letter, Line, Link, List, Log, Monitor, Network, Outlook, Outreach, Perspective, Pipeline, Point, Post, Profile, Recorder, Report, Resources, Sampler, Scene, Scope, Scoop, Sounding Board, Spectrum, Survey, Talk, Topics, Trends, Viewpoint, Views, Voice, What's New, Wire, and World.

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