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Creating Autodealer Newsletters Tips

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How should I send my car dealer newsletter?

Car Dealer Email Newsletters

How many autodealers do you know who have time to read though trades? A quick and effective way to keep them up-to-date on industry happenings is by writing a car dealer newsletter that can be emailed. Not only can the emailed newsletter be read through easily, there is a higher likelihood it will be forwarded to other interested parties who may join your mailing list.

How can I make my car dealer newsletter exciting?

Dealer of the Month?

Connect auto dealers with one another through your newsletter. An easy way to do this is to highlight one dealer per issue. Focus on his/her career and personal selling tips. Be sure to add a few personal notes as well. This makes the newsletter more fun to read, but also gives dealers an opportunity to be in the spotlight!

Who should receive the car dealers' newsletters?

Share the Wealth!

Don't just keep auto industry news to yourself. Get the buying public in on your newsletter! By allowing consumers to opt into receiving copies of your car dealer newsletter, you can bridge a gap between the buyer and seller. The more the public knows about the industry -- and how well its dealers are being informed -- the more likely they are to trust the expertise of the dealers. That can only improve chances for more sales!

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