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Using Email Templates Tips

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The Smart Way to Personalize Your Email Newsletter

Personalization of emails is quite easy when using email templates. They template "reads" the incoming profile of a sender and allows you to obtain personalized aspects of the sender such as first name and email address. This can be used to add a personal touch to your email, making your emails seem friendlier while maintaining a professional appearance.

email template, HTML email template, HTML newsletter template

Colors & Your Newsletter

Email templates are getting more and more sophisticated with every version! For example, many programs now can take the color of your company's logo and adjust the hue of the entire newsletter to match it! Typically this merely involves clicking on a color in your logo. Your color will instantly appear in your template. Many templates programs offer over 16 million color choices!

email template, HTML email template, HTML newsletter template

Attachments to Your Newsletters

For sending mass emails that need to include sales literature or product documentation, you can place the documents in a directory on your company's public website, and link to them in your email. This way you do not slow down your mail server or burden your email template with large attachments.

email template, HTML email template, HTML newsletter template

Forwarding Newsletters Using Template Functionality

Unfortunately, few people use the "forward to a friend" feature built into a Web page or HTML newsletter template. Results of a recent Internet poll showed that over 50 percent of readers say they either don't use this feature or prefer to send their own message. If your newsletter is text, it's easier to hit the "Forward" button and type in a quick note to a colleague.

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