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Writing Chamber Newsletters Tips

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What goes into a Chamber newsletter?

Parts of a Chamber Newsletter

Your Chamber newsletter may include several departments, depending on the requirements of your readership. Traditionally, there will be a "headliner" story. This is often important news about a business in the community. You may also include areas that alert readers to upcoming events such as lectures or workshops. Spotlighting a business or two is always a nice idea to promote the economy within your city.

How should ads be placed in a Chamber newsletter?

Advertising in Your Chamber Newsletter

Needless to say, Chamber of Commerce newsletters are a great place for local businesses to advertise. Try to position ads so that they don't overtake the newspaper look-and-feel of your newsletter. Many ads bunched together can put readers off, especially if your newsletter is online. Scrolling through ads may make readers delete the file out of frustration, which is no good for you or your advertisers!

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