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Question 1

Which *dad* had his childhood dream *constructed* over a period of 28 years?

George Hearst
William Randolph Hearst, Jr.
William Randolph Hearst
George R. Hearst, Jr.
William Randolph Hearst is, indeed, the father who called Hearst Castle, "home." George Hearst was his father, and William, Jr. and George, Jr. were two of William, Sr.´s five sons. To read more, follow this link!

Question 2

Which *dad* acquired his first newspaper as the result of payment for a gambling debt?

William Hearst
David Hearst
George R. Hearst, Jr.
George Hearst
Kind of confusing, huh? If you had taken the link to the tip in Question #1, you´d know that William and David are William Randolph Hearst´s twin sons; George, Jr. is another son; and patriarch, George Hearst is the one who initially held control of the <i>San Francisco Examiner.</i>

Question 3

Which *dad* owns newspapers worldwide including *Times* of London and the New York *Post*?

Malcolm Forbes
Rupert Murdoch
William Randolph Hearst
Frank E. Gannett
While it may be true that each of these publishing empires control newspapers worldwide, the Times and the Post belong to Rupert Murdoch.

Question 4

Which *dad* founded the company which is considered the USA´s largest newspaper group in terms of circulation?

Frank E. Gannett
Malcolm Forbes
William Randolph Hearst
Nelson Doubleday
Hmmmm...Nelson Doubleday must have gotten lost! He´s responsible for the unlikely partnership between the family book company and a major-league baseball franchise!

Question 5

Which *dad* began the first Native American newspaper on Feb. 21, 1828?

James Gordon Bennett
George Hearst
Will Rogers
George Guess
If I had used either of George´s other names, Sequoyah (as the missionaries referred to him), or Sogwali as he was known to others in the Cherokee tribe, you might have answered this one correctly!

Question 6

Which *dad* launched the New York *Herald* and spent $525,000 on war reporting during the Civil War period?

Robert Gould Shaw
James Gordon Bennett
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
Henry Lee Higginson
Here´s a collection of Civil War heroes! Oliver was an officer of the 20th Massachusetts Infantry, Henry was an infantryman and cavalryman, and Robert is best remembered as the brave colonel who led the 54th Massachusetts in their fearless charge at Fort Wagner. To find out more about James...

Question 7

Which *dad* had a fondness for yachting and established a trophy for international yacht races?

James Gordon Bennett
William Randolph Hearst
Malcolm Forbes
John W. Mackay
This James Gordon Bennett is actually the "son" of the James Gordon Bennett from the previous question!

Question 8

Which *dad* did NOT share the same name with a son?

William Randolph Hearst
James Gordon Bennett
Malcolm Forbes
Donald W. Reynolds
This should have been a freebie for you! We´ve mentioned Hearst, Bennett, and Forbes in previous questions! Not sure who Donald W. Reynolds is?

Question 9

Which two *dads* went head-to-head in the publishing world providing future historians with the term *yellow journalism?*

Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst
Joseph Pulitzer and Albert Pulitzer
William Randolph Hearst and Richard Felton Outcault
John Lennon and Paul McCartney
"So we sailed up to the sun Till we found the sea of green And we lived beneath the waves In our yellow submarine..." Lennon and McCartney wrote "Yellow Submarine" 1968 and it has nothing to do with "yellow journalism!"

Question 10

Which *dad* is associated with the most prestigious award in American journalism?

Alfred Nobel
Joseph Pulitzer
John Newbery
Randolph Caledcott
This should have been an easy one! No excuses if you missed it!

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