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Illustrate with Words

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How can I boost morale and retain readership?

Illustrate with Words

Leap. The use of the word 'leap' paints an immediate picture in the reader's mind. It's such an active, positive, happy verb. Leaping feels good. You leap to the rescue. You leap into one another's arms. The word is surrounded by rich and positive images. Most important of all, companies and organizations don't leap. Legal departments don't leap. Only people leap. And that's what makes the difference here.

Besides leaping, what else can you do? You can smile - "A recent question from a subscriber made us smile." You can blush - "We were embarrassed to discover that some names were omitted from our mailing list last month." In short, you can create images that show you're human. And when you show that your newsletter is published by individual, caring, fallible people, you'll connect with your subscribers in a much more meaningful way.



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