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*Ghoulish* Terms

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What is the definition of a dagger?

*Ghoulish* Terms

A BLEED is when the printed image extends to the trim edge of a sheet. It appears to "bleed" off the page.

CREEP refers to the distance variation at the middle signature sections of a saddle-stitched book caused by the thickness of the paper signatures where saddle-stitched.

DAGGER is simply a reference mark.

GHOSTING is a term that describes the undesirable appearance of faint replicas of printed images, caused chemically or mechanically (usually found in photos).

When MASKING, a portion of an illustration is blocked out by pasting paper over it to prevent it from being reproduced before exposure.

If you see a PHANTOM, it's nothing more than an area of an illustration reproduced in tones that are very light compared to normal tones.

RUNNING HEADS can be viewed as titles repeated at the top of each page of a newsletter or book.

SHADOWS are the darkest or most shaded portions of a subject which shows a range of tones from black to white.



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