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Surveys Done Right: 5 Tips For Good Response

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Surveys Done Right: 5 Tips For Good Response

E-communications is all about interacting with your audience and providing them with news and information that they want and value. With e-communications services like those offered by or, you can learn what your readers are looking for in an indirect way by analyzing the extensive activity reports provided. You can also get this information in a more direct way, simply by asking your readers to tell you what they think in a survey. or offers you the opportunity to survey your audience in two ways – either the format of a quick poll (for a single question) or a questionnaire (for multiple questions).

For the Best Results… You may have tried surveys before, but were disappointed with the results. The problem might lie not with those who are responding but in how the questions were asked. If you have had the opportunity to work with a research firm before, you know there are proven techniques that researchers use to build the questionnaires in order to get the best response. We've taken some of the best survey practices and put them into the tips below so that you can start getting the results you want from your surveys.

  1. Choose the type of question you ask carefully. Ask yourself this question before you start putting your poll together: Is the question important to you…or to your readers?
  2. Write the question carefully. A question that isn't asked properly is a missed opportunity. You want to ask the question in a manner that elicits responses that are meaningful to you.
  3. Choose the answers wisely. Taking the question on spending a step further, wouldn't it be more helpful to you to know how much of an increase in budget will occur, rather than just knowing that there will be some sort of increase?
  4. Think succinctly. Like with any e-communications, you want to build your questions and answers in the most succinct manner possible. Using a few carefully chosen words will provide you with more success than lengthy questions.
  5. Increase your response by incenting your reader. If you have a very loyal, interested audience, then you should experience good response rates from your surveys. But if you have a diverse group of readers and need to work a little harder to capture their attention, you might want to think about adding an incentive to the survey.



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